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The Largest Democracy

What do you want the India lobby to do? It's not like they haven't exposed Pakistan's double crossing. In fact they have been warning your politicians against Pakistan for a long time. If your congressmen and senators are unable to see the truth, and let American soldiers die, it's your problem, not the India lobby's.


Ich. Ackerman, it would really help if you knew what you were talking about before you started talking.

The reason the India lobby is indifferent to US aid to Pakistan is because they know very well that it's completely poisonous. In the last ten years they've seen their main rival get its arm twisted into a war that it didn't need to fight and then get embroiled in a civil war. It doesn't matter if Pakistan shunts some US military aid into weapons against India rather than weapons against anti-American insurgents. Pakistan as a whole is being bombed and is collapsing into a state of anarchy and chaos. Thumbs up from India!

Ackerman, your problem here is that you seem to think that US Aid money is somehow a net positive for Pakistan, when in fact reading up on the subject would tell you that Pakistan has spent 67 billion dollars on the war on terror and has absolutely nothing to show for it (http://www.finance.gov.pk/survey/chapter_11/Special%20Section_1.pdf). This is why it's important to actually know what you're talking about before speaking.

Seedee Vee

Once again Ackerman is in way over his head.

Learn a little about India and the politicians that reside there before the lectures in "How to Climb in Bed With America and Respect Yourself in the Morning".

Stick with telling Israel on how to suck America's Terrorism Teat for fun and profit.


Indian amb to US Rao responded to this article on twitter: @NMenonRao: @pierrefitter Thanks. We have a wide circle of friends within and beyond the Beltway. @attackerman India is not somnolent.@IndianDiplomacy


It's good to hear that India thinks it's doing well in DC....Americans generally hear nothing about Indian influence in DC and hear nothing about India putting in much effort.


I agree with you completely, Mr. Ackerman. As an American of Indian origin, I have been watching this relationship my entire life.

For reasons that are unclear to me, Indian lobbying has traditionally been very weak. But more than that, Indians responsible for presenting India in the best light do little to effectively educate Americans. They do not talk directly to Americans and do not educate them in the ways of the amount of misinformation that permeates the international and national media.

In short, The UK, the Americans, and their traditional non-NATO ally - and the Chinese - are all better at communications. If you point this out, you will get push back as you have seen in these comments. Some people can't handle valid criticism. Welcome to being a long distance India watcher. They always miss an opportunity.

No self-reflection on what one could do better, but accusations that, "we Indians are perfect! You don't know what you are talking about! We have tried!"

No, you haven't.

Not effectively. Want an example? Use any standard search engine and look for "Kashmiri Pandits," for example. I have no opinion on Kashmir being an American but if the topic is so important, don't you think Indians could provide good quality photos or resources describing how such people have suffered? I've started to think Indians are making it up. I can never find anything.

Educating the Americans out of the misinformation that exists over years of intellectual misdirection (BS cold war-era intellectual psychologic strategems such as "strategic depth, encirclement, fears of India" - come on, is a nation playing games under the most deadly conventional military on the planet really so afraid? Sure, go on believing that bit of drama).

At any rate, Indian diplomacy would do well to listen carefully to the Americans and help to dispell international myths.

Effectively protecting your people does not mean you are automatically "sucking on the teat of the Americans.'

Ugh. No wonder the Indians lag behind, at times.


My humble guess is that India doesnt want Pakistan to collapse, since what would come in its stead could be very ugly and nuclear armed. Just saying.

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