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we must be sharing some common Comics frequency , i bet you watch Breaking Bad and u watched the following Series: Carlos, beidermeinhof complex, Che and the girl with dragon tattoo series.

Joseph Askins

IIRC, Aaron has said some TV execs have expressed interest already. Whether he admits it or not, the book feels like it's been written with an adaptation in mind. (Don't mean that in a bad way.) It's a story that's ripe for expansion -- Aaron could have gone on for twice as long and never run out of stories to tell.


I've been reading Scalped forever, and I can confirm- absolutely amazing.

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At that point, some production team simply must turn Scalped into a TV show. HBO. AMC. Showtime. It doesn't matter. It's exceptionally rich, unbelievably dark, socially relevant, bleakly humorous and extraordinary. The Walking Dead -- which I also love, as a comic and a TV show -- is Law & Order. At the risk of repetition, Scalped is The Wire. (Yes, yes, Scalped and Walking Dead are two different genres, arbitrarily linked because they're both comics. But that's all producers care about anyway when they're pitching, so let's be results-oriented, yeah?)

Matt Knudsen

Is there someway I can post this onto my Facebook? BECAUSE I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! I even went on to AMC's Facebook site and wrote a headline like "Like this if you think Scalped should be AMC's next big show when Breaking Bad departs us!!" and had some of my friends go Like it lol.

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