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That's probably the best headline politico will ever have.

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As a Journalism student, I want to learn from these respected people from the industry.

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Out of this World is definitely an exhibit worth catching. Just expect random people to come up to you and tell you about Harrison Ford’s dysentery and why will never happen.


The circuit im working on is a random bit generator thus it has no ac or dc voltage generators. im trying to let the capacitors to have initial voltages, is it possible to perform a transient analysis that way.

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Properly formulated products contain ingredients in sufficiently high quantities to achieve a desired effect if used in accordance with the product's directions. Using more does not mean better or quicker results, rather using too much can have adverse effects or no more effect than the lesser quantity.

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It's nice to hear you and see what you did. In your blog, I think your enthusiasm for life. Thank you. xyj

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