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Josh Winslow

A while back I commented to a friend that you could easily get a PhD tracing the fortunes of the American middle class via the issues addressed in punk songs.

"American Jesus" just wouldn't be written today.

Jeremy Boyce

Funny, I was just thinking about this as I tried to put together a list of punk "protest songs" for my Dad. I held the net wider than just hardcore (consider the audience), but I had no trouble finding songs that capture the moment. "Portland" by the Street Dogs is one of my favorites, along with "Never Stops" by Lagwagon. Of course NoFX's "Perfect Government" will never go out of style.

Diane Wayne

Punk by it's very definition ended as soon as the first clothing style was copied or the first record deal was signed. Always thought it funny that so called "punk" icons actually became "icons" in the first place.

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