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why not at Gettysburg?

"...why does the FBI arrest terror suspects here at home?"

why did we accept surrender of criminals or people waging war against the US? is that your question?


"No American would be prepared for the psychological horror of a drone strike next door."

For now. In fact, come to think of it, over in the rightwingosphere, you could probably today find a lot of people who would buy tickets to the show.

Also not sure why it's a matter of principle that we should go ahead and murder furreners, but our own people get a stay-out-of-Hell-free card. As a matter of principle, assuming citizenship means something, maybe that makes it even more our responsibility to stifle the bastards by any means necessary. Maybe if we have to kill someone, it should be the ones we produced.

Think about in the reverse, a la Chomsky: If unhappy Afghans, Pakistanis, or Yemenis launched an attack on our drone operators in Nevada, we'd be a lot more p-o'd about it than if they assassinated the members of some terror cell outside of San Schenectady.

Speaking of which, if AAA was in Schenectady plotting no damn good, we might send the coppers after him. If he tried to evade arrest, they might be permitted to resort to force, even lethal force, to subdue him.

Maybe hanging out in the 4th or 5th world boonies is just a version of running really fast and ducking really low.

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