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"If we've ever been friends, I doubt -- against hope -- that we will remain that way by the time I finish this post. But such is life."
Nahh, you can be his friend when he's facing faces disbarment or has been indicted by some future US Attorney General (no statute of limitations on Murder). Its absolutely astonishing how many constitutional and statutory rights the Administration pissed all over with this. I give your friend Marty credit for one thing, it takes balls to execute an innocent man. (h/t Rick Perry superfan)

And do spare a kind thought to the poor Consular officer in Yemen who has to fill out a Consular Report of Death Abroad for each of these two young Americans who died of a genuinely unprecedented cause of death. Here's the trouble-- The Consul can be honest and label the deaths as homicides-- which will cause all sorts of blowback (dragging FBI in, the lawsuit settlements just got bigger, etc); or the consul can lie and write "Vehicle Accident -Auto", but that leaves him personally exposed to felony prosecution on falsifying govt documents and perhaps accessory to murder. Ha ha, can't wait to see how this shakes out.

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Because Jesus said, bless your enemies, so when the blessings rest upon our enemies, their conscience kills them and helps them to be better people. For example, if you or I have an accident by an assassin and you are alive, and when you rise again and you say, God bless you, thank you. This is much harsh than a curse. A curse is bad, but blessing works better than a curse because it enters in the heart like a knife that bleeds the heart and spill their heart and breaks itself. When we die and rise again, because God is good and stronger than us. It could be a message to God for the assassin, that he is in trouble with God that he cannot remove God. Sometimes, it is possible to kill an angel of God who is a real angel of God. It is possible. So, angels of God blesses the enemies.

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