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Eli Lake

Here's another thought. America and Iran have been in a shadow since 1979 that heats up, cools down and heats up again. It's hot now. Remember the Iranias have since 2008 said Israel or someone in the west is killing their nuclear scientists in Tehran. Some of that may be bluster, who knows? But the point is the Iranians clearly believe America is violating its sovereignty on the intel side, so I could see why they would want to establish a clear deterrent. Why go to a drug cartel? One reason might be that the FBI has prosecuted quite a few Hezbollah related cells in the US. Michael Leiter has said in public testimony that Hezbollah and Iran have an operational capability in North America. It's possible the QF guys figured their pros were being watched too closely, so they needed to outsource to remove suspicion.

Mom of Toddlers

Long rang missile capability is very dangerous.

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