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Greg Sanders

Am I mistaken, or is Tunisia a Muslim Arab country that just finished holding a vote for its own election? Admittedly the electoral process is still on going, but it is another notable oversight.

Bill Cole

Keane is technically correct on the point of Iraq being uniquely democratic among the overwhelmingly Muslim Arab states. Yes, Tunisia just held a vote, but it was not for a government. It was for a Constitutional Assembly. Yes, Lebanon has elected a lot of governments over the years, but they have a lot of non-Muslim Arabs.

The problem (or, one of them) with Keane's argument is not whether that fact is true or not, it is that he implies that it supports an argument for keeping troops in Iraq. Elections have consequences, and one consequence of Iraq's elections is that their government cannot allow us to stay. One consequence of our elections is that bloodthirsty imperialist warmongers like Keane are not entirely controlling our policies. Elections have GOOD consequences.

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