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Sic 'em

Just find a rightwinger and smash his [sic] through a plate glass window Attackerman!!


I've never met you, but I think I love you, Spencer. Not for defending W, though I admire the ability to do so without losing your lunch. But for this sentence alone:

"To support the R2P seems like a recipe for endless war; to oppose it, a recipe for endless injustice and impunity."

If I'm ever in a bar and you happen to show up, I PROMISE that your next drink is on me. (Yeah, I live in DC. Could actually happen.)


Interestingly, today at preformed commentt , the author decided that the current fighting between the Turkish government and the Kurdistan Workers Party "ensued from George W. Bush’s 2003 invasion of Iraq ".


except for all the torturing of people by employees or contractors of the american government. and the legal justification thereof by the bush administration's justice department. etc.


You give Bush et. al. too much credit. If the concern was "pretextual and convenient," doesn't that imply that it was so far removed from the actual motivations that it had very little influence on policy?

The Bush administration used actual concerns on the left for human rights in the countries they sought to invade to convince liberals that the war cause was just. Then they just did what they wanted (e.g., dronings and torture), human rights be damned. Obama is guilty of this too, Libya notwithstanding.

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