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may be Israel wants to punish Fatah and Abbas, by increasing hamas Clout


The Shalit negotiations process got where it was having nothing to do with Netanyahu, and was done by separate agents. The process never got remotely close to where it was last month--it was a fleeting opportunity and politicians would have paid for missing it, with the Israeli people, 80% of whom favor the switch (on MUCH less favorable terms than Hamas had originally sought).


The fact that Netanyahu only didn't act to stop it at the end, and neither did the Knesset, doesn't imply that they want Hamas strong and around in some form.

P.S., Ackerman, your last musing is completely unsupported, so why waste our time trying to look edgy. You already showed us your tattoo.

Louis Mahern

During the Punic Wars the Roman Senate had a policy: "We will not ransom prisoners." Roman soldiers fought to the death knowing that capture meant a lifetime in the salt mines of North Africa. The Senate did not waver. Nor should we. The Israelis have made a terrible error and will pay for it over and over with more kidnapped military.


Adam, if you believe that the Israeli government negotiated a deal (and protracted negotiations they were) with Hamas and it had nothing to do with the head of the Israeli government or that Netanyahu wasn't issuing instructions as to what the negotiators could offer to Hamas, then I'm going to guess that your cats make out the grocery lists in your house and do the shopping and you just sign the bill.


Louis , Not only the Roman Senate, but I do believe that in WWII the Imperial Japanese government had that same policy of "no ransom" and "soldiers must not surrender'.

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