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"sanguine" -- nice


this video of mcguirk buying swords shouldve been attachded to this post http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5ljaS9q1fI


An old friend of mine once defended against an intruder with his "decorative" katana. The burglar made it MOST of the way in the window before feeling the sword's bite. I am certain that even today he would consider the sword much more functional than decorative.

The Salinas cops thought it was hilarious. My friend's wife, getting recruited to help clean up the mess, was less amused.


Well done sir, well done.
@mikey: As a SHS grad I choked up at the salinas reference. Basically sums up the town.

nike shox

credit card. No background check, no nothing. I take a more sanguine view of personal arms control than many of my fellow liberals do. But

Harry Potter Movie Sword

In the air split a pumpkin in half with ease. The fact is that my new sword can hurt someone.

Will Philip

Thanks to that credit card, you were able to purchase that longclaw. That does look very deadly, considering you can halve a pumpkin with ease using that. Anyways, congrats to your new sword!

nike mercurial


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