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I would add a corollary: That it is much easier to hate the Yankees when "Yankees suck!" means only that they didn't win the World Series this season. We Yankee haters have had our opinions validated 81 out of 108 times!


Yeah, I'm a predictable west coast Yankee hater, so I enjoyed the series AND the outcome. But one thing even I have to say about them - right down to the last out, with the Yanks it's always going to be a nail-biter. Even with Valverde doing his thing, a big part of me ALWAYS expects the Yankees to string together a few hits and come back to win.


The Exactly One says that the losing was hard to take because it was very hard for the Yankees to lose last night.

('the Tigers were the better team " was not really established. the Tigers won 3 of 5 was)

I will admit that the Tigers were shrewd to get rid of Curtis Granderson when they did, right before his value plummeted. They were right that he's never going to be able to deal with left handed pitching or show enough range to play a good centerfield.


@fuster -- well done.

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