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It has become clear to me that ultimately, the model that offers the likeliest path to a viable solution is that offered by the international anti-apartheid movement of the seventies. Divestment, cultural and economic boycott, political pressure. The goal is to replace Likud, Netanyahu and Lieberman with an Israeli government that actually WANTS a sustainable peace.

This process doesn't require the US to change its policies, at least not at first. As the pressure builds and the rest of the world acts in concert, the US will be shamed into beginning to change course and the Israeli public will begin to demand their government change policies in order to avoid becoming a pariah state.

It's the best chance that everybody, including the Israelis and the Palestinians, gets out whole...


How can you honestly say that state hood will somehow improve the situation, at the same time that the relationship with Egypt is falling apart? Land for peace only worked with strongmen. I doubt land for no peace but with strongmen will be a better solution.

Secondly, you can draw a pretty straight line from the Gaza pullout to Cast Lead. Is that price worth it, if you're a Palestinian (not saying one way or the other, just something that you should consider, if you're going to put yourself in a Palestinian's shoes)? Because if the Israelis left, there would probably be a civil war between Fatah and Hamas, Hamas would probably win, then the rockets would come, then the Israelis would have to respond. Don't see why the situation in the West Bank would be different than Gaza--especially if elections are encouraged and not opposed.

In all these scenarios, it's unclear how Israel is left better off--so it'd be weird for Israel advocacy group to support such a step.

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