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The only the wrong with your analysis is that the United States is Israel's client state. Or at least, that's how this looks.


Bunker Busters. Meh.

It's pretty clear at this point that Israel has NO interest in an actual war with Iran. Iran serves Netanyahu's purposes as the current "existential threat", the enemy that requires, well, whatever Likud SAYS it requires. War would be a problem, and at this point would have terribly unpredictable consequences. The problem with a strategy built on a bluff is that it ultimately has an expiration date. And this one's starting to get quite obvious.

The only thing that might change that calculation is if the Netanyahu government was at serious risk of falling. At that point they might ratchet up the rhetoric to the point where something bad happened. But it's very clear that's not where they want to go...


If Abbas is such a partner for peace why does he insist on preconditions to negotiate now? Why did he walk away from a deal? Why in speeches in Ramallah does he say he won't negotiate on flooding Israel with Palestinians?

The Palestinians cant even negotiate with themselves. How do you grant state status to a group that would be governed by two opposed groups, one of which is dedicated to killing all Jews let alone destroying Israel?


Not only that: A republican president more or less assures a war with Iran. Woopde-daisy, thats going to be a lot of fun (and not cost a dime)... My paranoid fantasy: Nethanyahu is playing out some weird end-time fantasy where it seems that he exÄects the Lord of Hosts to come down and do the final decision quite soon.

H.S.T: "There is no such thing as paranoia."


Is it really all about land? It would make a big difference if Abbas would offer official recognize Israel, upon agreement on borders, as the Jewish state. Without this, the conflict will not be over, regardless of any border agreements.

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Dr. Delmas J. Allen

The Palestinians know that negotiations with Netanyahu are fruitless and a complete waste of time for everyone. In the near future the United Nations will be forced to get involved in the PEACE TALKS/NEGOTIATIONS since it was the U.N. that recommented the establishment of a STATE for ISRAEL on a portion of the Palestinian-British Mandate of PALESTINE. When the U.N. does get involved, Netanyahu will be forced to choose between a two-state solution and a binational (one-state solution) with the Palestinians. A binational state solution will be the end of the Jewish State as we now know Israel. The two Semitic populations (Israeli-Palestinians) will be free and equal in all respects, hence no Jewish State/characteristic or quasi-democracy, but a real DEMOCRACY for all the people of Palestine/Israel or the name to be decided by all the citizens of the new country comprised of Israelis and Palestinians alike.

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