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Chris Al-Chalati

Wolverine began having problems with child soldiers way back when X-23 was on X-Force. Assuming that's the beginning, it was clear that he didn't want her to have to do things that he did. It was on him. Hence, she couldn't remain in good conscience on X-Force.

Now, this has been multiplied by the fact that in Wolverine (spoilers), he actually ended up KILLING his own illegitimate children. Now I'm going into Schism with all of this as background. I guess you can't go into it as a blank slate or reading just X-Men, which is sort of my problem with all major crossovers.

But my major problem with this crossover is that it appears that the ending was written beforehand and the actual gist of the story was made up on the fly, hence the narrative problems.

I've been reading comics for over 15 years. Given what's going on with DC and with Marvel's inability to tell a decent crossover, I'm contemplating leaving comics. Though, I have to say Uncanny X-Force maybe my one possible exception. Comics today, seem more about the outcome rather than how they get there and that's a damn shame.



Thanks for the point about X-23. I remember that from the last X-Force series, which is my favorite X-Men spinoff, full stop. But that seemed more like Wolverine had a problem with using X-23 as an instrument of destruction, rather than an evolution of a principled point against child soldiers.

I do love me some Uncanny X-Force. ("Dark Angel" storyline keeps getting better.) Which, in the "Apocalypse Must Die!" storyline, also says something about Wolverine's recent reluctance about children in combat. And thanks as well for the 'Wolverine' information, since I don't read that book.

Totally agree on the sorry state of crossovers these days.

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