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Nice article and great intro to the complex legal issues at play here. It seems like there are two problems here. First, international law is still structured on the basis of state-state relations and has trouble accounting for state-subnational actor interactions. Second, this is the kind of dilemma that arises when you try to solve law-enforcement problems through military action.

Not at I expect the cretins on the DR comments page to appreciate this...


Well you asked for feedback, so here goes:

It felt more "he-said/she-said". But I'm not sure you can avoid that with this sort of legal discussion - it's complex.

Maybe if you'd have had more time, would you have been able to find a way to identify where their common basis was, and where they diverged? I'm not a legal expert, but it felt like they were arguing two different points - his being that it was OK to kill without regard to national origin in war, and hers being that international law forbade this activity, whatever that means.

But I didn't get the sense that we identified the common framework they were using to base their opinions on, and then identify where they diverged. Or maybe I'm just a crappy reader.

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