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I remember a few years ago there was some New York Times story about how contemporary bands don't cover each others' material any more, opting back into the familiar classics rather than offering their own spin on their peers' work the way, say, Otis Redding took "Satisfaction" away from the Stones. That thesis has aged quite poorly; just see, for instance, Wayne freestyling over "Rolling In The Deep." But if you're going to cover something, whether it's contemporary or ancient: make it your own. Straight covers are boring as hell. You should be saying something with your choice of cover, so why simply say what another band already said?

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The song is awesome, but nowhere near as awesome as the "OH NOES YOU RUINED HARDCORE 4 EVER" wailing from the more-punk-than-thou brigade in the youtube comments.

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If you wish to be the best man, you must suffer the bitterest of the bitter.

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