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Sure. It's hard to find a solid position when one finds oneself covering transparent dishonesty, incoherence and cowardice.

When you get to the root of it, once again it's that pesky party vs. patriotism decision that so many professional politicians find themselves struggling with lately.

Congress is two things. One is a constitutionally empowered group of representatives designated by the people to do the people's business at the federal level. And as long as they get to carefully pick and choose who constitutes "the people" in this construct, they do a pretty decent job of that. But Congress is also a co-equal branch of the federal government, and has clearly delineated responsibilities in carrying out that role.

And one of those, the power to declare wars, is pretty unambiguously assigned to them in the constitution. This should NEVER be a point of contention - not only does the constitution NOT provide for some alternative method for going to war, but one would typically expect congress to jealously defend their ownership of this most critically important power.

But they don't make statesmen like they used to, and these flacid pandering used car salesmen we send to DC these days are terrified of making any decision that carries consequences. War ALWAYS carries consequences.

Screw 'em, sez I. If they don't have the courage to insist upon doing one of their key jobs, it seems to me they've pretty thoroughly given up their right to complain when SOMEBODY steps on the field and picks up the ball...

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