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Another indicator Eli could have mentioned that would have fit right in with his narrative -- Palin seems to have dumped her neocon.


Besides, I don't think it's entirely misguided to assume that one can broadly extrapolate from a candidate's ideology to their foreign policy.

I don't think it's unfair to assume, for example, that a President Bachmann would be have a much lower threshold for unilatterally committing US forces to combat, while at the same time being much more hesitant to readily support UN-driven efforts. Likewise, a President Romney seems both much more cautious and much more attuned to the budgetary consequences and that much less likely to deploy troops. For that matter, though he doesn't appear to be in the running, Huntsman seems ideologically LEAST predisposed (outside of everybody's favorite crank, Ron Paul, anyway) to military solutions...

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