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So because Yankees fans have watched Jeter's terrible defense for years they feel Nunez's terrible defense is OK?


It's not terrible. His first couple replacement games sucked. Then he improved to become an average rookie shortstop. Is he Jose Reyes? Obviously not.

OK, maybe you have a point.


Dear Spencer,

Cashman denied that the Yankees are going to make a trade with the Mets for Reyes before the deadline of July 30.

After the season, when Reyes is a free agent, and Jeter has gotten his 3,000 hits amid another season when he's likely continued as a sub-par shortstop and a lead-off hitter not taking enough pitches while not getting on base often enough or providing any extra-base hits,.... that might be different.

Jeter has been, in the past, a better player than Reyes and in 1999 had a year better than any year that Reyes has ever had or may ever have, but it hasn't been 1999 for quite a while.

Jeter would look just fine batting 8th, ahead of Gardner with Reyes on deck.


I find it hard to take A-Rod's comments here as a real slight to his teammates. If he's making these comments to encourage the team to acquire Reyes then fine, but even Jeter would have admit that Reyes is playing like he's the best in the game.

The quote just sounds like one ballplayer's appreciation of another's mastery of the craft.

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