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sadly best actor for that role would have been Chalton Heston, hands down, alas that woulda meant it being filmed a couple decades back, but he'd have been genius


Two words for ya re the pitch perfect old Batman ... Kurt. Russell.

Geoff Ziezulewicz

I'm thinking Bane is gonna be a prodigy for a resurgent Ra's Al Ghul. I don't think he'll break the Batman but I think Batman will die at the end of it. Perhaps Nolan's final message will be "one man cannot make a difference for long." Anyway, isn't he overseeing the next Bat reboot after this?

But old Batman running the streets is difficult. See Anthony Hopkins in that one Zorro movie from the 90s. They had a laughably obvious stunt double jumping around, then his wrinkly masked visage would jump into the screen.

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