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John Henninger

It is not just the CIA that has be using drones without any congressional oversight, but the Joint Special Forces Command drone operations have also eluded public scrutiny. As long as drones are assigned to the Joint Special Operations Command, there is little Congress can do to prevent their expanded use since JSOC acts secretly and without congressional knowledge of its operations. There really needs to be another Frank Church or Albert Gore, Sr. in the Senate, but I believe that those, who presently occupy that chamber, are too afraid of being called "soft on terrorism," to challenge this current militarization of foreign policy.


Of course there's been discussion of several aspects of the use of drones over the last couple of years, but there really hasn't been a significant debate in the sense that large numbers of American citizens are bestirred to the point that congressfolk find it prudent to appear bestirred.

That's doesn't appear highly likely as long as drone warfare doesn't produce some singularly newsworthy (and publicly reported) great success for our gov't
or until drone warfare achieves some notable success when used against us.


I think what will jolt us out of our complacency will be when somebody hacks into one of our drones in-flight and uses it to kill somebody we like.


@Justjohn, or when Chinese drone technology jumps 20 years and develops strike capabilities.


@Attackerman: That would be sort of a Soviets-also-have-nukes or Soviets-launch-Sputnik moment, which I'll admit would be a very major surprise.

What I was thinking about, a they're-attacking-us-with-our-own-stuff moment, would be more of a 9-11 style surprise, and might wound us more deeply with the image of script kiddies around the world hijacking our own military.

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