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At least you did a self-introspection. I did think it might be muslin extremist but we both didn't go out out way tweeting all the typical ills of Islam like right wingers did. I don't see them walking back or doing any self-introspection now or ever.


Agree. Very admirable of you to engage in some self critique. Perhaps the BBC and the American media can take a leaf out of you web-page. Caution should be the norm. It just exposed the western media as racist hypocrites and need to look at themselves before passing judgement. Western Governments must take seriously the hate speech of CHRISTIAN fundamentals. This man's actions can be repeated all over Europe.

John Henninger

What this incident in Norway proves is that terrorism, whether it be foreign of domestic, is a problem for the criminal justice system, and it cannot be eradicated through military force.


I don't see how the singular incident in Norway proves that, John.

Seems to me that people and groups practicing terrorism are diverse and sometimes military force is appropriate.

(Love the B on B header, Spencer.)

John Henninger

To fuster

The point is that terrorists really do not need a safe haven to commit terrorist acts, and it is really strategically futile to attack other countries, because acts of terrorism can be planned in a house or in an apartment complex.


I don't quite grasp your point, John, but if terrorists are identified, then you attack the terrorists, not "other countries" .... or houses or apartment complexes, no?

the conditions, the locations and the number and armaments of the terrorists help guide the determination of whether the approach is police or military or some hybrid.

John Henninger

To fuster

You really cannot determine if a terrorist act was state sponsered ( which it seems by your criteria requires military action) by the armaments that they use. For instance the 911 terrorists, who could be considered to be state sponsered since Afghanistan gave al-Qaeda a safe haven, bought their box cutters probably at the local hardware store. While domestic terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh and Jared Loughner aquired their more potent weapons in the United States. The truth is terrorists really do not need a state, in order to procure weapons for their atrocious acts.


John, state sponsorship is only one factor in determining whether it's a military response required and a military response isn't necessarily an attack on the state.

We send bombs to places where we can't send cops. Sometimes the places where we can't send cops are places where there's a state authority protected the recipients of our bombs, sometimes not.

Yemen may not sponsor terrorists targeting the US these days, but the state hasn't ability to stop them and we would not be likely to succeed if we send cops in arrest anybody.

Somewhat similarly, we would not do well to send cops in Pakistan, partially because Pakistan is a state that sponsors terrorists and partially because Pakistan is inhabited by terrorists that they don't necessarily sponsor but whom they would rather ignore than allow us to enter Pakistan's soil and arrest.

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Breivik is the perfect teabagger.... for over 100 yrs, right-wing nuts have taken the world to the brink... now the GOP is set to destroy the global economy....

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