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There is nothing in Afghanistan.


No resources. No infrastructure. No economy. No country. No nationalism. No identity. No labor force. No future.

There is only one reason the military would want to stay in place that sucks up lives and funds and resources, contributes to regional instability and alienates allies and enemies alike.

In order to justify more funds for the military, the military has to have a purpose, a USE, if you will, for those funds. Militaries fight wars. Without wars, it would be very hard to justify an increase in military spending while screaming 24 by 7 about the budget deficit.

Fortunately, the politics aren't so clear cut at this point. It almost seems that Obama could gain as much by pulling out as he could by staying. And politics is the only credible reason for there still being, a decade on, a US presence in Afghanistan.

But I do wonder. Is it even possible to TYPE this phrase with a straight face?

"...with enforceable compliance mechanisms
that ensure Afghanistan doesn't threaten
the United States."

'Cause if Afghanistan can threaten the United States, I think we're entitled to about a 20 trillion dollar refund on our so-called "Defense Expenditures"...


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