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“We have national interests like the water sources and the oil fields, and we must ask ourselves: Are we able to protect it?”

Protect them from WHAT, fer gawdsake? Internal threats, sabotage and theft, they can very likely be about as effective as they could with a few thousand US troops in country, that is, something less than 100% but probably good enough. External threats would be what, exactly? Iran? Saudi? Is there some concern that Kuwait might invade?

Let's face it - Maliki wants the US troops there because they're the best militia he could ever hope to have keeping him alive and in power. But Iraqi internal politics should not be our concern any further, and if our intention is to prop up one political faction, then we ought to at least be honest about that...


mikey, consider the oil fields in the area of Kirkuk. the destination of the revenue from those fields and the ability to anybody derive much revenue from them if the struggle there intensifies is in question.


sorry, that should have read "of anybody to derive"

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