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Thanks 4 hearing Me Out

Why the commission said it's investigations were impeded last time. Do you want Phillip Zelicow in there again, too? Everything had to go through him last time, despite the fact that he was a total Bush lackey. He co authored a book with Condaleeza, was part of the 2000 Bush transition team, and even helped pen the Iraq invasion. This was a fair investigation the first time around? A report published, riddled with footnotes obtained from water boarding? I mean, I think you're request for an investigation is awesome, and needed, but I remember how disappointed I was by that circus. I remember the administration fought Long and Hard against there being any "investigation" at all.

Thanks for the chance to say my two cents, I appreciate the thought and caring behind your idea very much. Here's a great link to an interview Amy Goodman did with Zelicow, please give it a watch, she dies a great job: http://www.democracynow.org/2008/2/7/exclusive_former_9_11_commission_executive


Yeah and if the Commission reconvenes maybe GWB will testify in public, without Edgar Bergen Cheney's hand up his back making his mouth move.

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