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Daniel Crawford

There's no burden to share. Two things are being confused here. All trading nations have an interest in keeping the sea-lanes clear, and often cooperate to do so. But what you are describing here is a specifically US problem, which is ensuring guaranteed supplies of cheap oil by militarily supporting corrupt regimes who, in effect, transfer wealth from their own people to the US by undercharging for oil. In return, they receive (or have received) US and western support against their own people. This is because the US economy is absolutely dependant on cheap oil. If that oil stays above $85 a barrel for any length of time, and especially if it goes above $100, the US economy is toast. The rest of the world doesn't have this problem, because it makes much more efficient use of energy. The cure is to take an insignificant part of America's bloated defence budget and use it to reduce the demand for oil, not waste it on futile efforts to ensure the supply.

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