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I think you maybe overthinking it a bit. Raiders of the Lost Ark/Last Crusade both have Nazis as the main villians.

And you're also ignoring the whole slew of WWII comedies of the 1950s and 1960s. Hell, I was a Male War Bride came out in 1949.

Doctor Memory

The Captain America movie is, sadly, set entirely in the WW2 era; I presume that fishing him out of cryogenic storage will be the opening hook of the Avengers movie...

...except that I'm willing to bet money that one or both of Captain America and Thor will tank badly, Marvel will get cold feet and the Avengers movie won't get made.

(And I'd consider an outside bet that Green Lantern fails badly enough to actually kill off superhero movies entirely for a while, save of course for the inevitable third Nolan bat-film.)


I agree with Rob -- you can't make a Captain America movie that's a good WWII movie. If you dropped Cap into Band of Brothers, it would be a travesty. Is Cap supposed to liberate Belsen? I think the movie will work if it makes a good comic book version of WWII. Or rather, a well-done version of a bad comic book version of WWII. Joe Kubert would be great. Bernie Krigstein might be a bit too much.

Lauryn Purtee

It seems that the recent Captain America movie gave justice to the original comic book pages. For some, it could be considered as one of the best superhero movies of today.

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