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Don't give them too much credit -- Destroyer's revival probably owes to Paul Dini bringing a variation of it (named the Annihilator) into the Justice League Unlimited series for a couple of episodes, one of which was a pretty sucky Wonder Woman story, and the other of which was a solid Suicide Squad adaptation that only used the armor as a macguffin.

I admit to not knowing much about the character outside of that context--hopefully it'll be a little better used in the movie.

Watch Thor the movie

My boyfriend was nagging me of how much he wants to see Thor. So we went. I was expecting a dull comics movie, with a stupid blond protagonist waving a hammer - but I was wrong. Even though I'm not a fan of this genre, I truly enjoyed this one - plus my BF was happy like a little child.

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me gustaria sabera de la historia de haity en el tiempo q la realeza francesa lo dirigia y como se llamaba el duke cuando los negros se revelaron y si era el duke lassalle enviado por napoleon a gobernar en haity. gracias.

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Lovely commercial. I can almost see what's the event.

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