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Mad Dogs

As I said over at EW's post:

"My reading of this anonymous quote also reflects that this thinking comes from the “political” side of the White House as opposed to the “legal” sides from either the DOJ, State, DOD, or even the White House Counsel’s Office.

My take is that this reflects the Obama 2012 Campaign crew (Axelrod, Gibbs, Jarret, etc.) and their take on polling. They will only choose to fight for things when the polls go their way.

Indefinite Detention polls well. Or put another way, fighting for trials, even Military Commission trials, does not poll well.

Now many (at FDL and elsewhere) would ask: How can that be? How can Indefinite Detention poll well? It is an anathema to Progressives!

The answer is in the eyes of the poll readers. The Obama 2012 Campaign crew is not interested in whether something polls well with Progressives.

Even if something polls well with 51% of the public, that is not granular enough for the Obama 2012 Campaign crew.

Instead, the Obama 2012 Campaign crew is interested in whether something polls well with their chosen target audience. And that target audience is not Progressives, but instead Independents and, disappearing though they may be, Moderate Republicans.

And Indefinite Detention pleases Independents and Republicans.

The Obama 2012 Campaign crew has chosen to assume the 2012 election votes of Democrats (including Progressives), and to target the Obama 2012 campaign efforts at the margins.

Therefore it is likely that we will see little or no energy spent on fighting for Progressive issues for the next 2 years, but instead see the Obama 2012 Campaign crew acquiesce in supporting Independent and “relatively” Moderate Republican issues.

The Obama 2012 Campaign crew will “fight” only for those things over the next 2 years that reward them according to their granular reading of the polls."


The remedy was veto; but he had not the balls for that. This is just weak tea for a soul forgot.


It could make sense: Guantanamo wasn't created by act of Congress but by an assertion of unitary executive power.


Nice post. I love it. Waiting your new posts. Thank you...

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