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Jim Thompson

This makes me think of 9-12. I remember watching some Fox News on the day after 9-11 and seeing some retired USMC Colonel who was speaking as an "expert". The comment was concluded with a statement that we needed to go out and nuke someone for what they'd done to America. I presume he believed the attack was from some foreign source, but at the time I was not so certain, and thought it was quite possible the attack was from a domestic group.

Sadly, it seems like to forum pretends to grant authority or cridibility to some - or at least that is what the presentation seems to indicate. And of course, if its on the internet it must be true. After 27 years in the military, from E-1 buck private through field grade officer, I have studies the Middle East and Terrorism, and people who show up proclaiming to have "cracked the code" on fundamentalism of any sort or snake oil salesmen and self important propagandists.

I have spent time in Europe during the bad old days when German and Italian Marxists had their hay day, have been keenly aware of the insurgencies that have risen in the middle east decades ago.

This has led me to a couple conclusions. First, the US is a late-comer to the game of terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism. It may be wise for US policy makers to identify interest built upon a basis of human rights, become students of the actions, responses and positions of more experienced governments in order to create mature policy. Second, that terrorism and fundamentalism has never caused the downfall of a western democracy to this point, only caused them to metaphoically "eat their own" by causing Western democacies to over react. After all, what political risk is there in over reaction - at least you're doing SOMETHING.

So, the United West is sell. Are we buying?

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