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But neglecting the removal of the best song the Strokes ever wrote and perhaps ever will write is pure laziness. And it's precisely that sense of laziness and self-satisfaction that defines the decline of Slate. A wag might say, It ain't too sma-haaaaaaart...


The thing is that "New York City Cops" had absolutely nothing to do with the vast majority of Americans who bought the record. It played a negligible role in turning a generation of American college kids back onto rock n' roll, which is the main reason to argue the album's relevance.

The Nevermind argument is a bad one, but this is an odd argument against it.


Not that I always agree with the guy, but as long as Chris Hitchens is still alive, he belongs on the non-idiot list with Lithwick, Weigel and Kaplan.


I'm far more offended by all the Nirvana beatification than I am with nonsense about the Strokes. I've been putting up with that bullshit for over a decade now.


It's still an awesome and pivotal album without NYC Cops.

I'm not sure why everyone is so shocked by this slate article. I believe Rollins Stone ranked the album #2 of the decade.

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