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if you want to be cynical about it, Obama is likely to reap political benefit from an effort to challenge his action in Libya that originates in Congress and involves Republicans.


Really? You're going to take the Sobbing Rich Boy's side here (hell, on any issue)? Come on. I don't like the fact that US planes are involved in Libya, but you've got to look past the facade that Congress puts up. The Repubs don't want to be "anti-war" and they don't want to be "pro-Obama," so their political calculus says "do nothing in the legislative body except criticize the White House."

This is a political circus that has nothing to do with the War Powers Act. Yes, Obama might welcome the congressional interruption of the war, which is why the Repubs won't give it to him. They're too fixated on getting him out of office than doing the right thing - acting like adults, performing the legislative tasks of governing the country that their constituents sent them to do.


Dear J,

it ain't personalities, it's what is Constitutional and preferable for the nation.

we generally like to have the government decide that joining a war that is optional and neither necessary nor urgent is a good idea... rather than have only the executive branch making the decision.

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What this incident in Norway proves is that terrorism, whether it be foreign of domestic, is a problem for the criminal justice system, and it cannot be eradicated through military force.

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