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Ahh, c'mon. That's an easy one. Tribalism. Humans are tribal by nature, and many Americans have found a way to combine their innate tribalism with a toxic combination of exceptionalism, nationalism, bigotry, religious intolerance and a powerful commitment to violent solutions to political and social problems.

That unhealthy mix leads to all sorts of illogical and inconsistent positions just like the one you describe around their books.

But then, as Sam Harris pointed out on his blog yesterday, Terry Jones is a bigoted dickhead who was seeking to create hatred and conflict, but it HAS to be said that for anyone to respond to some person thousands of miles away lighting a sheaf of paper on fire with murder and destruction is beyond insane, approaching a pretty pure definition of evil.

Daniel Serwer

The Christian right needs to rein in its own. It's what they expect of Muslims--they should do it themselves.


This seemingly over the top response is not, in my opinion, strictly about some backwoods zealot burning the Koran. It's a cumulative action --note that in no other Muslim country did the protests get out of hand or were there any murders. (And part of the reason for that is the incredibly weak protection given the United Nations compound, not weak in individuals - it sounds like the six Nepalese guards did what they could right up to the time of their death or injuries - but six armed guards and several Afghan policemen who probably agreed 100 percent with the protesters,is almost no guard at all considering the rage of the crowd. )
This was a cumulative, straw that broke the camel's back event, surely not right, but seen from their point of view, understandable. The US has been warring in their country for a decade and we don't even know why we're there any more, they sure don't. They've seen at least 15,000 civlians killed, hundreds of thousands wounded, insulted, humiliated and in general treated like subhumans. Two days before this they read some soldiers -- and from the reports this is just the tip of the iceberg -- were killing innocent teens, grandfathers, deaf people -- whoever happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time -- as sport, complete with finger amputation for trophies and pix taken with big grins and twisting the heads of their victims like they'd just shot some big game on safari. Then this brainless cretin begins telling them ''they'' have been judged guilty of belonging to an evil religion and implying they are savages about a step removed from wild beasts. A protest crowd with a few provocateurs sprinkled in wouldn't need too much to explode. "You want barbaric savages? Ok, barbaric savage THIS."
Killing 20 people can't be justified, but neither can this pathetic war, the hatred for Muslims that's taken over the minds of too many people in this country, and Terry Jones -- -- words fail me on that zero. There was no reason for him to burn that book. None. Just because he had the right to do it, doesn't mean he couldn't have expressed his dislike for Islam by just saying so. Except of course that's not good TV. Every stump preacher with an IQ of 8 does that.
For good reason, those people hate this country and assume most of us are probably like Terry Jones. In the absence of any United States nationals, UN workers unfortunately took the hit intended for us.
Helluva job winning the hearts and souls with the kind of political and military leaders we've got, the psychos who make it to the front lines and back home, the haters who think a mosque near their precious ground zero cannot happen, constitution or no, the incredibly moronic preachers on the christian right who feed hate to their flocks of non-questioning sheep who all think christianity is some kind of superior religion to anything else and think their god demands that they demonstrate this every chance they get.

When the hell are we getting out of these people's country?


mecormany, "surely not right, but seen from their point of view, understandable."

what is it that you think "understandable"?

a bunch of Americans burn a sacred book and you understand that folks are going to wanna kill a few people having nothing at all to do with the burning?

I have a good deal of trouble understanding that.

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