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Phil Perspective

So does this mean no more posting of death notices?


Oh no. That's non-negotiable. Attackerman 3.0 will continue to honor the war dead.


Best of luck Spencer.


@bmaz You, sir had better keep in touch. I'll be in your comments regardless...

Naadir Jeewa

And hello.

I wouldn't mind some righteous anger sometimes.


@Naadir Jeewa I'm sure I won't be able to help myself.


That's it. I've had it with Nazibama. Hillary in 2012!


Hey Spencer, I still have the domain registered for you. Since is an unbearably lame url you should get this set up. Email me @gmail.


I don't comment, but Spencer I've followed you around the net since one of your first chats with Megan on Jezebel. Low volume is not an issue!


The new site - I like it! Informal is good. Is this the permanent comment system? Feels like everyone is moving to Disqus these days.

just john

So this is the new place? Neat. Literally. Not all that FDL stuff all over. And I already have a typepad account, it seems.

All systems go! On to 2011!

Constitutional Insurgent

Sweet! You're on my morning reading list, and I'm not sure the rest of my day would feel right without reading some Attackerman.

I hope your day job doesn't keep you from the rest of the powerfully good writing you've given us on your site.

Phil Perspective


Phil Perspective

One other question. Is the old Attackerman going to remain on FDL? I guess for old time's sake so to speak.

Teddy Partridge

Great to find your new home, thanks for the pointer.

Best wishes for the New Year, Spencer. Don't mellow too much.

Your friend, Teddy


cool, have a good new year


piece of cake.

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